Sunday, August 9, 2015

50k Training - Weeks 1 and 2

Week One was a great start to training. Not only did I hit every run on my schedule, I also managed my nutrition, strength training, and stretching well. That was a boost psychologically as well as physically. Week One was a high-mileage week in my training schedule, so having a good week was critical.

Week Two was the opposite. My husband and I went out of town for two days, and I got off track. Although I managed to get in a run at 4:30 in the morning before we went to the airport, I didn't work out again for another four days. Nutrition... I knew it wouldn't be great, so I planned a Shakeology cleanse when I got back. I lasted two of three days, then went a little crazy. Timing wise, the cleanse wasn't a good idea. It's a tool I'll keep in my back pocket for after training season when I don't need extra calories. Fortunately, this was an easy low-mileage week, so I didn't actually miss much.

Week One:
Planned Workout: Yoga
Actual: Nothing
I didn't feel bad at all about missing yoga. I scheduled it into my plan every Monday to loosen the kinks after back-to-back long runs on the weekend. I didn't push myself hard the weekend before starting my plan, so my body didn't particularly need a good stretch on this particular Monday.

Planned Workouts: 4 mile easy run, lower body workout
4.15 miles easy
PiYo Define Lower
This was an unremarkable morning run. Easy pace, lovely views.
I did PiYo in the evening. This was a 25 minute video, and it is one of the beginner PiYo videos. I didn't find it all that challenging, but it definitely stretched out my hip flexors and hamstrings - two of my problem areas. This will be a great video for hard running weeks.

Planned Workouts: 6 mile run including 2 miles at tempo pace (8:35-8:50), core workout
6 mile run: 2 mile warm up, 2 miles at tempo: 8:30, 8:33, 2 mile cool down
21-Day-Fix 10 Minute Abs
Morale Booster! I haven't done much speed training this summer, and I was not sure that I could maintain the goal tempo pace for two consecutive miles. I'm not sure I could have maintained that slightly faster pace for much longer than two miles, but it was uplifting to manage it as long as I did. Following the tempo portion, I took a long water break and wished my car wasn't another two miles away.
I did NOT feel like working out after work, so I found a lot of other things to keep me busy. Finally, just before bedtime, I grabbed a short ab workout from 21-Day-Fix, and just pushed play. For a 10-minute workout, it is surprisingly effective. I felt this workout all over my midsection for several days . Glad to get it done. That's what accountability will do!

Planned Workouts: 4 miles easy, upper body workout
4 miles easy
PiYo Define Upper Body
I woke up earlier than usual to get both workouts in before work. PiYo Define Upper Body was another gentle beginner video. It featured some core work and a fair amount of pushups. I've never been good at pushups, so I am looking forward to progress in that area (a little arm definition would be a welcome side effect).
This run took a little motivation. My legs and glutes were a little sore (thanks PiYo), and it took about a mile to find my stride. After that, it was a lovely run.

Planned Workout: Yoga or Pilates
Actual: 21-Day-Fix Yoga Fix
The 21-Day-Fix is a pretty intense workout program. The yoga workout is designed to give the body a little love after a week of weights, so I found it to be a great fit in my running week. My tight hamstrings and abs really appreciated the stretches, and I started the day with a relaxed attitude that carried through for at least a few hours. Also, my 6-year-old son joined me for the last series of leg stretching on the ground, and his commentary was just awesome.

Planned Workout: 16 mile run
Actual: 16 miles
Direct sun has been my #1 enemy on long runs this summer. My usual route is out and back on an east-west road, so once the sun comes up, there is nothing to block it. I have switched things up by driving an extra 4-5 miles down the road to a different starting point, where I can park my car in the shade and finish my last few miles in a shaded neighborhood. I also packed a cooler with ice water for refills.This workout was wonderful. I maintained a steady pace throughout, taking 30-60 second walk breaks at the top of each mile. My legs were tired and I was sweaty, but I felt strong.

Planned Workout: 6 mile run
Actual: 6 miles
I felt surprisingly strong on this run. No residual aches and pains from Saturday's long run.

Week One Summary: 
5 runs for 36.2 miles
3 strength workouts
1 stretching workout
Nutrition: I ate healthy foods throughout the week. I was well-hydrated. I had one beer during the workweek, and some wine over the weekend. I'll grade it an A-.

Week Two:
Planned Workout: Yoga
Actual: Yoga Fix
30 minutes of quality stretching after a high-mileage weekend = good stuff.

Planned Workout: 4 miles, if I had the time
Actual: 3.1 miles
My husband and I left for the airport at 6am, so I woke up at 4:30 and ran loops around our neighborhood. My pre-coffee pace was extremely slow. Getting out there was a victory in itself.

No workout planned, no workout accomplished.

Planned Workout:
4 miles, including 2 at tempo (8:35-8:50), core workout
It was storming when I woke up for my run. I would have been okay with substituting a cardio Beach Body workout, but I decided to sleep in and workout at night. I forgot that we had middle school orientation in the evening, but I still thought I could do it. Then we met up with some friends who were in town on vacation, so night-time workout plans went out the window.

Planned Workout: 4 miles easy
Actual: Nothing
I can't even remember why I didn't work out. I didn't sleep well during the week, so I suppose I chose sleep over running.

Planned Workout: 6 miles
Actual: 6 miles
The best thing I can say about this run was that I didn't quit. It was hot, I felt sluggish, my stomach hurt, and I thought about cutting it short for most of the first half of the run. The only reason I kept going was because I'd already missed two runs.

Planned Workout: 4 miles
Actual: 6.7 miles
At least I finished strong this week. My pace was steady and toward the faster end of my "easy" pace range. I ran an extra 2.7 miles because it felt good, dammit, and I know tomorrow will be an active recovery day.

Week Two Summary:
3 runs for a whopping 15.8 miles (made the optional run, but missed two scheduled runs)
0 strength training workouts (missed one)
1 stretching workout (at least I was 100% in something)
Nutrition: I knew it wouldn't be great when I was on vacation, so I planned to make it up by doing a 3-day Shakeology cleanse (shakes for breakfast and lunch, fruit for morning and afternoon snacks, lean protein with a salad for dinner, and another shake for dessert). While I lost the extra couple of pounds I put on in Nashville, I don't think this cleanse had enough calories to support running. The runs that I missed were during the two days I was on the cleanse. On day 3, I scrapped the cleanse and ate whatever I wanted, which was not all that healthy. I didn't hydrate properly all week. On a good note, I drank green tea instead of coffee during the cleanse, and kept it up over the weekend. All in all, I give myself a D for nutrition.

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