Monday, August 17, 2015

50k Training - Week 3

You don't know what you've got until it's gone. We returned from Nashville the middle of last week, and our refrigerator had died. Fortunately we were able to throw out the food before it started to stink. Unfortunately, delivery was delayed on the new refrigerator I ordered from Best Buy, so we ended up going an entire week without a refrigerator in Florida. In August. Just in time for the first week of school. Needless to say, nutrition didn't fared well this week. Peanut butter sandwiches (with no jelly because that got thrown out), pasta, granola bars -- it was a carb and gluten-heavy week.

Getting adjusted to having my kids back in school has definitely been An Adjustment, but for the most part it has worked well. My youngest missed his bus on Tuesday, so there was no time for my run, but on the plus side, I got to work super early that day.

Planned: Yoga ... Actual: Yoga Fix
I've already said it, but it bears repeating: the 21-Day-Fix Yoga Fix DVD is great for recovery. My hips needed the extra stretching, and I am seeing a difference in my flexibility after only a few weeks.

Planned: 4 miles easy, lower body workout ... Actual: PiYo Strength Intervals
Woke up at 5am to start with the Strength Intervals. I didn't go all out, thinking I'd need to reserve some energy for the run I had planned after dropping my son at the bus stop. Unfortunately, we missed the bus and since his school is on my way to work, I just threw myself together and got to the office at 7:30 after I dropped him off. This was a good lesson on when we actually need to leave to get to the bus stop on time.

Planned: 6 miles, including 3 at tempo pace (8:35-8:50) ... Actual: 6.3 miles including 3 at tempo (8:33, 8:36, 8:34)
Tempo runs always surprise me. I did not think I could hold this pace in the heat, but I took it one mile at a time, and it was only slightly uncomfortable. 

Planned: 4 miles easy, upper body workout ... Actual: 4.1 miles
Loops around my neighborhood. Yuck. It's a little over a half mile from my house in the back of the neighborhood to the gate and back, so this was 8 boring laps. But it was early, it was dark and this was the safest and most convenient route. No upper body workout.

Planned: Yoga or Pilates ... Actual: Yoga Fix
Because I love this DVD now.

Planned: 18 miles ... Actual: 18 miles
Delightful. Never thought I'd say that about an 18-mile run in August, but it was an excellent run. I have slowed down my long run pace, and I'm able to maintain that pace steadily throughout the run and still have energy to get me through the rest of the day. I fueled with Tailwind and ate one Honey Stinger waffle about an hour into the run just to have something solid in my belly.

This view, though!

Planned: 8 miles ... Actual: None
The overnight thunderstorms were pretty intense, and still going strong when my alarm went off at 5:30. I decided to sleep in for once. It was a lovely lazy day indoors. This would have been a good day to substitute a DVD workout, but I never really got out of my PJs.

Week 3 Summary:
Running: 3 runs for 28.4 runs... I missed 2 runs, but got in the most important ones on the schedule
1 strength workout
2 stretching workouts
Nutrition: Challenging in the beginning of the week, but I got a better variety of foods as the week went on. I'll give myself a C.

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